Monday, February 12, 2018

iLife A4s Robot Vacuum

The iLife A4s is my first try at a robot vacuum. This little unit is a great equivalent to the Roomba. After using for a few days we've had great success with this little unit. Here are some of the high points.


  • iLife A4s has a 3" height which means it goes under many items in the home including your couch
  • Pick up is great. On the first use we filled the hopper even picking up a charge cable and old receipt for a purchase.
  • Battery life seems to be good so far running for over an hour at a time and still having battery life.
  • Although it doesn't have WiFi or Smart connect, it does come with a remote that allows you to turn on and off without having to bend down and turn on.
  • It has programming to preset when you want the unit to run.
  • This unit is also considerably quiet and shouldn't disturb daily activities.
  • Has a HEPA filter
  • Also comes with spare brushes and filters.
  • The best part would have to be the price. This unit can be purchased on Amazon for $199.
  • The only time it got stuck was running between 2 anti-fatigue mats between the stove and sink, it was tight area and the ledge was slightly over 1"
  • The other caution I would give - be sure to pick up any cables or small items that could get picked up as it may very well end up around the brush or wheels.

At the end of the day if you are looking for a good robot vacuum that is well priced and does the job I would recommend trying the iLife A4s.

The question becomes could this unit be used commercially. As many of my post deal with contract cleaners and commercial cleaning I have thought about this. One could use for this unit in a small office to reduce cost. I would consider this unit as a good spot vacuuming tool. It could be placed in an office and set to clean every night for a few hours picking up the small items. This would not eliminate the need for a full vacuum but for the nightly spot vacuuming could be a great option for a small office.