Friday, January 15, 2016

Faculty managers: 3 things you need to do to prepare for cleaning automation in your facility.

As a facilities manger, you understand the need to keep your facility clean but also to remain on budget, while working with your staff. As a veteran in the cleaning and maintenance industry for the last 20 years I have seen several major changes that impact the industry and people who run or work maintaining facilities. The robotics industry is the next major shift and I have found 2 articles that point to how close this shift is. 

The first article entitled Robotics RX by Dr. Steven Dalton found on cmmonline focus on the benefits of using robotics in health care. Since many facilities are facing an aging work force, shortage of labour, and rising cost of labour the robotics industry can help address many of those needs. Not to mention safety of employees when working around those who are sick, and needing to be their first line of defence. The article also points to the benefits of having access to more data which is an ever growing depend in this information age. 

Photo of intellirobot from taski taken from YouTube 

The second article entitled Clearpath: A Waterloo-Based Startup Is Making Waves in Robotics found in the globe and mail focus on a start up that has created robotic technology for delivery of goods. The article points to how this technology can by used in public areas and not interfere with pedestrians or moving traffic. It also points how the technology is being purchased and used by various other companies in manufacturing of other robotic devices. 

Based on the information in these articles and my experience in the industry I would have the following 3 recommendations you should seriously consider before purchasing any more equipment for cleaning and maintaining your facility. 

Maintain your equipment. Robotic intelligent equipment is coming soon, maintain what you have instead of purchasing new so that you are ready for this new technology. 

Train your staff. Robotic cleaning equipment doesn’t mean less staff it means different requirements for your staff.

Use technology. Weather you are a manger or employee the day is coming when technology will be a part of you’re everyday job, learn to use it now and be ready for tomorrow. 

Starting today you need to start training staff on technology, and not be afraid to incorporate technology in your cleaning and maintenance system.

My name is Phil Tessier and I am currently taking the social IMC course from coursera, I am also a 20 year veteran in the cleaning and maintenance industry spending the last 6 years selling equient and supplies with Romco in Ottawa. Feel free to reach out to me and connect with me @zphilt1.


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