Monday, July 21, 2014

Polishing Marble

After stripping floor
Recently I had the opportunity to polish marble in the lobby of a hotel. The program is fairly easy and the results are great. Client had waxed the floor and was looking for a better more permanent solution. Here is a quick step by step of what we did.

1) Strip the floor to remove all topical coatings

Prepping floor with 1st compound
2) Using Mighty Max swing buffer ( Unit is a weighted buffer with over 75lbs of extra weight) we applied the Marble Prep 1 compound to the floor adding water as we went.

3) Vacuum slurry with wet dry vac and rinsed floor thoroughly.

Prepped Floor

4) Again using Mighty Max buffer we applied the Marble Polish 2 compound to the floor. This is a wet product which add more water to. We work the product into the floor for about 30 mins.

Finished Product
5) Vacuum slurry with wet dry vac and rinsed floor thoroughly.

6) Buff floor with white pad to remove any residue left behind.

Thing of beauty
7) Admire the finished product.

The final step is now maintenance. All the client has to do is on a monthly basis buff this floor with a 6000 grit diamond polishing pad and once a year using a little marble polish paste to shine the floor up.


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