Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Floor Pad Uses

Many people ask me what pads should I use for what situation. So I thought I would do a nice simple break down on what color pads should be used for what. The information is based on a 3M reference chart.

  White - Summer cleaning
  Red - Winter cleaning, heavier traffic floors

  White - Low speed under 300
  Tan - 300 RPM and up

Burnishing - In order of aggressiveness
  Pink Eraser - Black mark removal made easy
  Natural Blend - Includes Hog's hair, Buckaroo, Jackeroo, Gorilla and Porko
  Tan Burnish - Good for gloss and long life of finish
  Light Blend - Includes Jackaroo Lite, Gorilla Lite, and Porko Elite
  Blue Ice - My personal favorite, Restores gloss and designed for floors that are burnished daily

  Blue - Dark blue for light coat removal or repair of heavy scratching i.e.Under chairs
  Green - To remove a little more

  High Pro - Aggressive pad, rinse easy great for any heavy build up floor
  Black stripping - Standard black pad
  Brown - Nice aggressive pad to remove fewer coats on the floor. Falls nicely between a black and green pad.

I hope this quick basic breakdown will help you to choose the right pad next time you have to buy pads.

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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