Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pad comparison SPP to High Pro

I recently decided to compare the SPP (surface prep pads)  to the high pro pad to see which is a better pad. For the test I again used the Advance REV and performed several tests.

Stripping. We applied a stripper to a vct tile which only had about 5 coats of wax. Stripper was diluted at 4:1 and after 5 minutes dwell time we scrubbed half with the SPP pad and half with a high pro pad. On the side of the aisle where we used the high pro pad,  we removed all the wax and penetrated the sealer giving us a deep full strip. In the side that we used the SPP pad,  we removed most of the finish off the floor but did not remove the sealer.
Aisle stripped Right High Pro Left SPP

Scrub. This time using two aisles with again about 5 coats of wax on each,  we laid down a HD Degreaser diluted at 32:1. We applied this product using the floor scrubber and performed a double scrub. In the aisle where we used the high pro pad, the floor became blotchy, sticky and not really wax ready upon completion. Where as in the aisle where we used the SPP pad, we had a uniform removal of finish,  the floor was smooth and ready for 2 coats of new finish.
Scrubbed with SPP
Scrubbed with High Pro

The conclusion is that the high pro pad is great for stripping floors and is your best bet especially when you have heavy build up. Whereas if want a deep scrub that leaves your floor with a nice even finish try the SPP pad as an effective alternative to a black or green pad. You may well be impressed with the results.