Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marmoleum Repair

Here's an amazing restoration story. Client had a marmoleum floor that is 11 years old. Floor has been stripped and waxed too many times. It takes a beating from wheelchairs, walkers, janitor carts and more. Client researched replacing the floor and cost was going to be $5500 per dining room. At 5 rooms its quite the expense. Repair was going to $2000 per room. I went with our Integra Square and went to work. We chose a small area that was among the worst and went to work. Have a look at the work and see what were able to accomplish.

After scrubbing with integra square
Damaged floor

After 1coat of linobase
Finished section with cross of larger damaged floor

Basically process was scrub area for about 1-2 min with dry strip pad. Sweep clean, and then mop floor. Once dried applied 2 coats of Linobase. Let dry and top of with floor finish of choice. In this instance wanted a little lower shine so we went with 2 coats of Dustbane Orbit green certified and great resistance.