Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Clean Carpets ( Hot Water Extraction )

Items Required 
- Vacuum
- Hydro Sprayer or Pump-up Sprayer
- Hot Water Extractor
- Extraction Cleaner or Pre Spray
- Spotter
- Carpet Rake
- Blower

- Thoroughly vacuum area to be cleaned.
- Fill hydro sprayer or pump up sprayed with diluted extraction cleaner.
- Fill extractor with hot water.
- Thoroughly and evenly pre spray carpet with extraction cleaner. Do not pre spray more then 250 sq/ft.
- Using carpet rake agitate or brush carpet allowing chemical to work.
- Using extractor, rinse carpet with hot water following an even pattern starting at the furthest point and working back.
- If stains appear or do not come out apply a small amount of spotter and re-extract after 5 mins.
- Rake carpet to give an even and finished look to the carpet.
- Place blower on a 45 degree angle to help circulate air movement and dry carpets.

- Never put chemical in the water tank of the extractor. This is a common mistake and many people over saturate carpets with chemical causing carpets to resoil rapidly.
- Pre vacuuming the carpet will remove 85% of soil particulates making the extraction process easier and leaving a cleaner finished product.
- Many refer to this process as steam cleaning. It is important to note however that the water usually doesn't get hot enough to truly steam. Hence why we say Hot Water Extraction.

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