Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Bonnet Clean Carpets

Items required:
- Swing Buffer
- Bonnet Pads
- Vacuum
- Bonnet Cleaner or Encapsulating Formula
- Peroxide Spotter
- Bucket
- Brush / Tamper
- Terry Cloths

- Thoroughly vacuum all carpets. Vacuuming will remove 85% of particulates from carpet. 
- Walk area with Spotter, brush and terry cloths to remove any spots in carpet.
- Fill bucket with warm water and bonnet cleaning formula following the dilution directions.
- Soak pad in bucket with cleaner and remove when thoroughly wet.
- Place pad under swing buffer.
- Scrub and area of about 100 sq/ft then turn pad around.
- After scrubbing another 100 sq/ft either resoak pad in cleaner or change for a fresh pad.
- Allow to dry several hours
- Revacuum carpets.

- Though this procedure is used frequently it is important to note that most carpet manufacturers will not warranty carpets that have been bonnet cleaned.
- This procedure is not one that I personally recommend either. That being said for those who want to perform it then it should be performed correctly.
- Changing pads frequently will do a better job.
- Always, always vacuum first. 


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