Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Bonnet Clean Carpets

Items required:
- Swing Buffer
- Bonnet Pads
- Vacuum
- Bonnet Cleaner or Encapsulating Formula
- Peroxide Spotter
- Bucket
- Brush / Tamper
- Terry Cloths

- Thoroughly vacuum all carpets. Vacuuming will remove 85% of particulates from carpet. 
- Walk area with Spotter, brush and terry cloths to remove any spots in carpet.
- Fill bucket with warm water and bonnet cleaning formula following the dilution directions.
- Soak pad in bucket with cleaner and remove when thoroughly wet.
- Place pad under swing buffer.
- Scrub and area of about 100 sq/ft then turn pad around.
- After scrubbing another 100 sq/ft either resoak pad in cleaner or change for a fresh pad.
- Allow to dry several hours
- Revacuum carpets.

- Though this procedure is used frequently it is important to note that most carpet manufacturers will not warranty carpets that have been bonnet cleaned.
- This procedure is not one that I personally recommend either. That being said for those who want to perform it then it should be performed correctly.
- Changing pads frequently will do a better job.
- Always, always vacuum first. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Vacuum a Carpet

Seems primitive enough but needs to be discussed. Unfortunately many feel that this needs only be done once a week.

Items Required:
- Vacuum
- Carpet spotter chemical

- Check vacuum for full bag and that suction as well as brushes are working. Check cord for cuts, tears, or exposed wire.
- Daily either vacuum or traffic lane vacuum entire area. If using an upright vac, work with the brushes ( or really against the brush) so that dirt is lifted up and can be sucked.
- If using a canister place vacuum in center of room as best as possible and vacuum into the area where the vacuum is located. This will avoid constantly lifting and moving the vacuum, do this as you work out of the room.
- Spray any spots with a spot cleaner preferably a spray and walk away. This will help keep carpets in top shape until you clean them.
- Upon completion check bags, cords and brushes. Clean down vacuum and roll up wires and put away neatly.

Vacuuming is a crucial part of your facilities maintenance. You would not skip sweeping or cleaning the bathrooms for 1 day and your carpets require the same care. Some say - carpets are unhealthy but the truth is not that carpets are unhealthy the way many maintain carpets are what's unhealthy. Vacuum daily and your occupants will be happier. Your carpets will last longer. And your budget will be happier too.