Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Restore a Marmoleum/Forbo Floor

Items Required:
- 3 Buckets and wringers
- Broom
- Johnson Linosafe
- Johnson Linobase
- Black pads
- Screen 120 grit
- Steel wool fine grade
- Autoscrubber
- Swing buffer
- Doddle bug or floor edging pad
- Sand paper 100 grit
- Scrapper
- Wet Vac

Day One
- Fill bucket with Johnson Linosafe at 10:1 with cold water
- Remove items from area to be stripped
- Sweep floor
- Flood an area of 10' X 10' with the Linosafe and let dwell for 5 minutes
- Scrape up any stickers
- Double scrub floor with swing buffer and black pad
- Scrub edges with edging pad
- Pick up solution with wet vac
- Rinse floor thoroughly with autoscrubber if possible
- Pack up items and allow to dry overnight
Day Two
- Check floor for finish residue and damage
- On heavily damaged floors use swing buffer and screen to level floor and remove damaged areas
- On less damaged floors use swing buffer and steel wool to level floor and remove damaged areas
- Have a small piece of sand paper to remove any heavy damage to floor
- When floor is even and consistent sweep floor
- Remove all dust residue by autoscrubbing clean
- When dry apply 2 to 3 coats of Linobase

- This procedure is only for floors that have been damaged by stripping with caustic strippers
- As an alternative to the Linosafe a heavy duty general purpose cleaner may be used
- Always spot test any procedure in an inconspicuous area
- For floors with heavy buildup you may need to double strip with Linobase
- If unsure do not perform this procedure but contact a professional to help you

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