Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Refinish a Gym Floor (Waterbase)

Items required:
- 2 Buckets and wringers
- Broom
- Gym floor prep or heavy duty general purpose cleaner
- Black floor pad
- Swing buffer or auto scrubber
- Weighted T-bar
- Scraper
- Doddle bug or edging pads
- Water base gym finish
- Rags

- Prepare one bucket with cold water and floor prep and one bucket with cold water for rinse
- Thoroughly sweep gym floor
- Flood an area of about 5' by the length of he gym
- Scrub area with scrubber and black pad
- Scrub edges with doodle bug
- Pick up scrubbed area with wet vac or auto scrubber
- Rinse edges
- Repeat steps 3-8 on next section until gym is complete
- When complete pack up and allow to dry 1 hr
- Fill watering jug or Rubbermaid bucket with floor drain with gym finish
- Following the wood grain lay a bead of finish from one end of the gym to the other
- In a snow plow fashion drag your finish back and forth on the floor with your weighted T-bar
- Add finish as required
- As you arrive near the end wall hold back on amount of finish poured on floor
- Have rags at door to pick up excess finish
- Allow to dry for 1-2 hrs and apply second coat
- Reopen gym next day

- use a lot of finish at the start and slowly reduce amount of finish so that you don't have too much overflow at the end
- Consider this a 2 man job if possible
- Use a 24" weighted T-bar with a synthetic refill
- If applying a 3rd coat wait over night before applying 3rd coat


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