Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Maintain a Marmoleum Floors

The maintenance of a Marmoleum floor is much the same as VCT with a few exceptions.

- Most marmoleum floors have a factory finish so IF possible try not to wax in the first year.
- This option will change if installed in a high traffic area

Items Required:
- Broom and dustpane
- Bucket and wringer
- Autoscrubber for (larger facilities)
- Neutral floor soap
- Swing buffer
- Spray buff

- Marmoleum floor should be swept daily
- Spot mop floor daily with neutral soap and cold water. In higher traffic areas, mop daily with neutral soap and cold water
- In larger facilities with high traffic patterns autoscrub the floor daily with nuetral soap and cold water followed by mopping edges with mop
- Spray buff the floor monthly for the first year with a white or a blue ice pad
- Scrub and wax as required after the first year, or after first application of non factory finish has been applied to the floor

- Try not to wax floor until required - Marmoleum floor is fairly resilient and will take a lot of traffic. Usually 1 to 2 years
- When it's time to wax - Follow the Scrub and wax procedure
- Never use stripper on Marmoleum or Forbo flooring as this could remove the natural oils in the product and will remove the colour from the floor.

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