Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Dry Strip a Floor

Items Required:
- Square scrub or Orbital scrubber
- Back pack or hip vac
- Maroon dry strip pads
- Broom
- Bucket and wringer
- Autoscrubber (if available)
- Floor finish

- Fill bucket and/or autoscrubber with cold water and neutral soap
- Clear floor area to be stripped
- Sweep floor
- Check square scrubber or orbital scrubber cord for exposed or lose wires
- Place red buffer pad and dry strip pad under square scrubber
- Check back pack vac cord for exposed or loose wires
- Check vac bag
- Put on back pack vac and connect vac hose to port on square scrubber if one is available
- Turn on vac
- Starting in corner begin stripping in a horizontal line
- Depending on build up make a second pass
- When area is completed using back pack vac, Vacuum residue from floor
- Autoscrub or mop the floor
- Apply 3-5 coats of finish depending on expected traffic
- Remove pads from square scrub and rinse off if still good. Hang to dry for next time
- Remove bag and filter from back pack vac and clean out
- Clean both machines of any residue left

- Make sure skirt is properly in place
- Back pack vac will save clean up as it will remove dust as you are going but canister vac will work as well
- This process will not work on heavy build up ( conventional stripping will be required)
- Consider using this process on Marmoleum and cork floors as there will be no stripper damage
- As you will not remove 100% of the finish off floor 3 coats of finish will usually be sufficient

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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