Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Buff a Floor

We will cover 3 different ways to buff a floor. Before attempting this process be sure you are trained on the required equipment.
Materials Required:
- Broom
- Mop and Bucket
- Blue Ice or White Floor Pad
- Swing Buffer or High Speed Buffer
- Neutral Floor Soap

-Sweep floor area to be buffed thoroughly
- Mop or autoscrub floor with neutral floor soap or floor restorer making sure edges are cleaned
- Allow to dry

Propane Burnish Procedure:
- Place buffing pad on propane buffer ( white, blue ice or natural hair) 
- Check oil on buffer
- Install tank
- Start buffer
- Walk at a moderate pace ensuring to not stand on one spot for any length of time
- When finished, remove propane tank and store outside
- Remove floor pad and rinse off, then hang to dry
- Clean off buffer
- Sweep floor thoroughly

Electric High Speed Buffer
- Install floor pad on buffer
- Check electric cord for any cuts or exposed wires
- Plug in buffer
- Lower handle to your mid section
- At a moderate pace, walk forward and backwards up and down the aisles or area you wish to cover
- When finished, unplug buffer and wrap cord up
- Rinse pad and hang to dry
- Sweep floor

Low Speed Spray Buff
- Pour spray buff into spray bottle
- Install drive pad on swing buff
- Place white or blue ice pad under buffer
- Check cord for cuts or exposed wire and plug in
- Lower handle to your mid section
- Engage lever and buff in a slow side to side manner, covering about 1.5 tiles worth per pass
- Spray small amounts of spray buff on black marks or areas that are quite dull
- If drag occurs, pad is too wet and you are using too much spray buff
- When finished, lift handle, and wrap cord up
- Store machine with pad driver removed
- Rinse pad and hang dry
- Sweep floor

- Propane buffers will give best results but are not always allowed. Check with the manager of the facility to see if permitted
- Pad selection should be based on the finish on the floor. If the finish is hard and you are using a propane buffer consider natural hair pads. In most other cases use the blue ice pads.
- Buffer should always be stored off of their drive block. Leaving a drive block on will cause warping and may cause your buffer to jump
- Sweeping floors is the most crucial part of floor care always pre sweep and post sweep your floor

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