Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Maintain Floor Cleaning Equipment

AutoScrubber Maintenance
- Drain dirty water
- Lift vac tank lid
- Rinse tank
- Run vacuum for 30-60 seconds
- Clean off squeegee
- Check water levels in batteries (not required for Gel or AGM Batteries)
- Check hoses
- Check pad
 - Wipe down Scrubber

- Clean all filters
- Empty clean water tank and rinse
- Clean battery terminals

Floor Buffer Maintenance
- Check power cord
- Remove pad driver or block
- Remove pad and rinse of
- Clean machine

Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Dry Strip a Floor

Items Required:
- Square scrub or Orbital scrubber
- Back pack or hip vac
- Maroon dry strip pads
- Broom
- Bucket and wringer
- Autoscrubber (if available)
- Floor finish

- Fill bucket and/or autoscrubber with cold water and neutral soap
- Clear floor area to be stripped
- Sweep floor
- Check square scrubber or orbital scrubber cord for exposed or lose wires
- Place red buffer pad and dry strip pad under square scrubber
- Check back pack vac cord for exposed or loose wires
- Check vac bag
- Put on back pack vac and connect vac hose to port on square scrubber if one is available
- Turn on vac
- Starting in corner begin stripping in a horizontal line
- Depending on build up make a second pass
- When area is completed using back pack vac, Vacuum residue from floor
- Autoscrub or mop the floor
- Apply 3-5 coats of finish depending on expected traffic
- Remove pads from square scrub and rinse off if still good. Hang to dry for next time
- Remove bag and filter from back pack vac and clean out
- Clean both machines of any residue left

- Make sure skirt is properly in place
- Back pack vac will save clean up as it will remove dust as you are going but canister vac will work as well
- This process will not work on heavy build up ( conventional stripping will be required)
- Consider using this process on Marmoleum and cork floors as there will be no stripper damage
- As you will not remove 100% of the finish off floor 3 coats of finish will usually be sufficient

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Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Refinish a Gym Floor (Waterbase)

Items required:
- 2 Buckets and wringers
- Broom
- Gym floor prep or heavy duty general purpose cleaner
- Black floor pad
- Swing buffer or auto scrubber
- Weighted T-bar
- Scraper
- Doddle bug or edging pads
- Water base gym finish
- Rags

- Prepare one bucket with cold water and floor prep and one bucket with cold water for rinse
- Thoroughly sweep gym floor
- Flood an area of about 5' by the length of he gym
- Scrub area with scrubber and black pad
- Scrub edges with doodle bug
- Pick up scrubbed area with wet vac or auto scrubber
- Rinse edges
- Repeat steps 3-8 on next section until gym is complete
- When complete pack up and allow to dry 1 hr
- Fill watering jug or Rubbermaid bucket with floor drain with gym finish
- Following the wood grain lay a bead of finish from one end of the gym to the other
- In a snow plow fashion drag your finish back and forth on the floor with your weighted T-bar
- Add finish as required
- As you arrive near the end wall hold back on amount of finish poured on floor
- Have rags at door to pick up excess finish
- Allow to dry for 1-2 hrs and apply second coat
- Reopen gym next day

- use a lot of finish at the start and slowly reduce amount of finish so that you don't have too much overflow at the end
- Consider this a 2 man job if possible
- Use a 24" weighted T-bar with a synthetic refill
- If applying a 3rd coat wait over night before applying 3rd coat

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Buff a Floor

We will cover 3 different ways to buff a floor. Before attempting this process be sure you are trained on the required equipment.
Materials Required:
- Broom
- Mop and Bucket
- Blue Ice or White Floor Pad
- Swing Buffer or High Speed Buffer
- Neutral Floor Soap

-Sweep floor area to be buffed thoroughly
- Mop or autoscrub floor with neutral floor soap or floor restorer making sure edges are cleaned
- Allow to dry

Propane Burnish Procedure:
- Place buffing pad on propane buffer ( white, blue ice or natural hair) 
- Check oil on buffer
- Install tank
- Start buffer
- Walk at a moderate pace ensuring to not stand on one spot for any length of time
- When finished, remove propane tank and store outside
- Remove floor pad and rinse off, then hang to dry
- Clean off buffer
- Sweep floor thoroughly

Electric High Speed Buffer
- Install floor pad on buffer
- Check electric cord for any cuts or exposed wires
- Plug in buffer
- Lower handle to your mid section
- At a moderate pace, walk forward and backwards up and down the aisles or area you wish to cover
- When finished, unplug buffer and wrap cord up
- Rinse pad and hang to dry
- Sweep floor

Low Speed Spray Buff
- Pour spray buff into spray bottle
- Install drive pad on swing buff
- Place white or blue ice pad under buffer
- Check cord for cuts or exposed wire and plug in
- Lower handle to your mid section
- Engage lever and buff in a slow side to side manner, covering about 1.5 tiles worth per pass
- Spray small amounts of spray buff on black marks or areas that are quite dull
- If drag occurs, pad is too wet and you are using too much spray buff
- When finished, lift handle, and wrap cord up
- Store machine with pad driver removed
- Rinse pad and hang dry
- Sweep floor

- Propane buffers will give best results but are not always allowed. Check with the manager of the facility to see if permitted
- Pad selection should be based on the finish on the floor. If the finish is hard and you are using a propane buffer consider natural hair pads. In most other cases use the blue ice pads.
- Buffer should always be stored off of their drive block. Leaving a drive block on will cause warping and may cause your buffer to jump
- Sweeping floors is the most crucial part of floor care always pre sweep and post sweep your floor

Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Restore a Marmoleum/Forbo Floor

Items Required:
- 3 Buckets and wringers
- Broom
- Johnson Linosafe
- Johnson Linobase
- Black pads
- Screen 120 grit
- Steel wool fine grade
- Autoscrubber
- Swing buffer
- Doddle bug or floor edging pad
- Sand paper 100 grit
- Scrapper
- Wet Vac

Day One
- Fill bucket with Johnson Linosafe at 10:1 with cold water
- Remove items from area to be stripped
- Sweep floor
- Flood an area of 10' X 10' with the Linosafe and let dwell for 5 minutes
- Scrape up any stickers
- Double scrub floor with swing buffer and black pad
- Scrub edges with edging pad
- Pick up solution with wet vac
- Rinse floor thoroughly with autoscrubber if possible
- Pack up items and allow to dry overnight
Day Two
- Check floor for finish residue and damage
- On heavily damaged floors use swing buffer and screen to level floor and remove damaged areas
- On less damaged floors use swing buffer and steel wool to level floor and remove damaged areas
- Have a small piece of sand paper to remove any heavy damage to floor
- When floor is even and consistent sweep floor
- Remove all dust residue by autoscrubbing clean
- When dry apply 2 to 3 coats of Linobase

- This procedure is only for floors that have been damaged by stripping with caustic strippers
- As an alternative to the Linosafe a heavy duty general purpose cleaner may be used
- Always spot test any procedure in an inconspicuous area
- For floors with heavy buildup you may need to double strip with Linobase
- If unsure do not perform this procedure but contact a professional to help you

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Maintain a Marmoleum Floors

The maintenance of a Marmoleum floor is much the same as VCT with a few exceptions.

- Most marmoleum floors have a factory finish so IF possible try not to wax in the first year.
- This option will change if installed in a high traffic area

Items Required:
- Broom and dustpane
- Bucket and wringer
- Autoscrubber for (larger facilities)
- Neutral floor soap
- Swing buffer
- Spray buff

- Marmoleum floor should be swept daily
- Spot mop floor daily with neutral soap and cold water. In higher traffic areas, mop daily with neutral soap and cold water
- In larger facilities with high traffic patterns autoscrub the floor daily with nuetral soap and cold water followed by mopping edges with mop
- Spray buff the floor monthly for the first year with a white or a blue ice pad
- Scrub and wax as required after the first year, or after first application of non factory finish has been applied to the floor

- Try not to wax floor until required - Marmoleum floor is fairly resilient and will take a lot of traffic. Usually 1 to 2 years
- When it's time to wax - Follow the Scrub and wax procedure
- Never use stripper on Marmoleum or Forbo flooring as this could remove the natural oils in the product and will remove the colour from the floor.

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"