Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Remove Finish from Marmoleum

Do Not Strip Marmoleum Floors - This process is to strip without stripping

Required Materials:
- General Purpose cleaner/degreaser (not caustic)
- Black pads
- Swing buffer
- Wet vac
- Mops and Buckets
- Edging pad
- Autoscrubber if available


- Fill one bucket with cold water and GP Cleaner usually at 1:5
- Fill other bucket with cold water for rinse- Bring items to area- Sweep floor
- Spot test an area for color fastness- Flood an area of about 10' X 10' with solution and allow to sit for 5 mins- During dwell time look for sticker or other items to be removed. - Using either the Black pad and swing buffer or autoscrubber scrub floor until entire area has been scrubbed twice
- Scrub edges with edging pad or doddlebug
- Pick up solution in scrubbed area with either a wet vac or autoscrubber ( if using autoscrubber leave water off)

- Rinse floor with autoscrubber and begin next area
- When dry apply 2 or 3 coats of finish


- When used with the right chemical this procedure will remove all the old finish and you will have effectively stripped the floor without using any stripper
- Never use any product with a PH of higher than 9 on this kind of flooring
- Spot test floor for bleeding and color removal
- If floor begins to bubble stop the process immediately
- Do not allow chemical to dwell longer than 5 minutes

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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