Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Maintain a Natural Stone Floor

Stone floor are very resilient and require little to make them beautiful. Natural stone floors can include concrete, marble, terrazzo, quartz and slate (always pretest small area with slate as this is a very soft stone). This guide is for maintaining and not restoration.

Items Required:
- Diamond Floor Pads 
- Swing Buffer/ Autoscrubber if available
- Neutral soap and water
- Stone and Tile Impregnator

- Strip off old floor finish if any - See article How to Strip and Wax
- Place Sienna grit pad on Autoscrubber and scrub floors at normal pressure with water and Neutral Floor cleaner but no vacuum. After scrubbing floor twice with water on, turn off water and continue to scrub floor for four more pass, adding water as required. On the final pass drop squeegee and pick up water. Allow floor to dry. If autoscrubber is not available flood floor with Neutral Floor Soap and use balance scrubber and Sienna grit pad going over the entire area 6-8 times, then pick up water with wet vac or mop.
- Repeat step 2 with Purple Diamond pad.
Allow floor to dry 6hrs. Pour Impregnator in bucket or backpack waxer and apply to floor using either a clean mop or microfiber flat mop. All areas within 15 feet of doorways or cafeterias should be impregnated. Allow to dry for 2hrs and apply a second coat. Allow to dry overnight. (Optional but recommend for 15’ from doorways)
- If using auto scrubber place Purple maintenance pad on floor scrubber and wash floor as required. Pads may be rotated monthly from Purple to regular red pad to save money.
- If using balance scrubber buff floors weekly or bi-weekly with Purple Maintenance pad.

- Be patient
- Floors will begin to shine slowly and after 2-3 months of maintenance will give desired results and look better than waxed finish
- Though Impregnator is optional it is highly recommended in areas that are near doors or food consumption areas.
- Stain removal - For acid based stains (i.e. Jus, coffee or pop) use an alkaline floor stripper at 5:1

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