Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Clean Tile and Grout

Tile and Grout cleaning is labour intensive and important to know. Tiles can be found in all areas of a facility and in most homes. Here is the step by step to deep clean your grout and tiles for a like new look.

Materials Required:
- Heavy duty degreaser
- Grout cleaner or Acid bowl cleaner
- Wet vac
- 2 Buckets
- Mops
- Grout brush
- Doddle bug and Pads
- Swing buffer with brush or Blue pad ( depending on size of area)
- Scraper

- Fill one bucket with cold water and degreaser at 5:1 and one bucket with water
- Bring items to area to be cleaned
- Sweep floor
- Flood floor with water and degreaser and allow to dwell for 10 minutes
- Scrub floor with swing buffer or doddle bug pad and grout brush
- Pick up solution with wet vac
- Rinse floor with clean water
- Fill a small bucket or spray bottle with cold water and grout cleaner/acid at 10:1 and a second bucket with clean water
- Apply water and cleaner to floor especially grout lines and allow to dwell for 5 mins
- Scrub area with swing buffer and grout brush
- Pick up solution with wet vac
- Rinse floor with clean water
- Allow to dry and return to service

- Acid should be strong enough at 10:1 if after spot testing desired results are not there dilute acid 5:1
- If tile has been waxed then it will need to be stripped first see How to strip and wax a floor
- In my opinion this is the best possible grout brush to use never go without it when cleaning grout.

Phil-T Klean
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