Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Scrub and Wax a floor

Materials Needed:

General Purpose Cleaner
2 or 3 Buckets
Swing Buffer
Wet Vac
3 Mops
3M Trouble Shooter or Equivalent
Black or Blue Pads (depending on how much wax we want to remove)
Autoscrubber (if available)

To begin gather materials listed above.
10' X 10' Area Flooded
- Fill one bucket with cold water and GP Cleaner usually at 1:40
- Fill other bucket with cold water for rinse
- Bring items to area
- Sweep floor
- Flood an area of about 10' X 10' with solution and allow to sit for 5 mins

- During dwell time look for sticker or other items to be removed. If burn marks from propane burnisher are present spray these lightly with 3M troubleshooter these marks will come off when you scrub
-Using either the Black or Blue pad and swing buffer or autoscrubber scrub floor until entire area has been scrubbed twice
- Now flood next section of floor, 10' X 10' is a good guide
- Pick up solution in scrubbed area with either a wet vac or autoscrubber ( if using autoscrubber leave water off)
After final pick up
- Rinse floor with mop or autoscrubber and begin on next area
- When dry proceed to apply 2 or 3 coats of wax with either a clean mop or microfiber pad

The process above if used with the right chemical can be performed on the following surfaces: VCT, Wax Stone Floors, Marmoleum, and rolled Vinyl.
Where floors are cracked or broken take care to not over wet when flooding floor, and reduce dwell time to 2.5 minutes.
This process with an auto scrubber should yield results of about 1-2000 sq/ft an hour depending on autoscrubber use.
The scrub and wax process is a great but does not completely replace the strip and wax. Strip and wax should be done on the floor surface at least once every 3 or 4 years depending on traffic.

As much as this may be a guide to perform the work. This process should always be done by trained professionals. To request a custodial flash card with the following process contact us.

Feel free to contact Phil-T for a trained professional in your area or to be trained by a professional.
"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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