Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Clean Windows

There are several way of cleaning windows depending on how thorough we want to be. Here is the process for spot cleaning and full window cleaning.

Materials Required: Squeegee, Golden Glove (T-Bar Window washer), Bucket, 1 tbl spoon sunlight dish detergent, microfiber cloth, glass cleaner, scrapper, extension poles, ladder.

Spot Cleaning: 
1- Spray glass with glass cleaner on areas that may have tape.
2- Scrap tape with knife
3- Lightly respray areas that have been scraped and areas with finger marks
4- Wipe with microfiber cloth
5- Check work

Full Clean:
1- Prepare solution of warm water 15L, 1 tbl spoon dish detergent, half a cup glass cleaner. In winter dilute water 50/50 with alcohol (and not the drinking type)
2- Place terry towel or microfiber at base of window. This is especially important if in someone's home
3- Using your golden glove wet window thoroughly
4- Scrap off tape or items that will not squeegee with scraper
5- Re-wet window. 
6- Squeegee window clean without removing blade from window in an S pattern. 
7- Using clean microfiber cloth wipe edges of window
8- Check your work

Tips for making easier.
- If doing high windows and working off a ladder consider buying and Bucket on a Belt. This will hold your squeegee, golden glove and scraper. It will also hold a little water to refresh your golden glove
- Wet one side of the golden glove per 2 surfaces
- Product cost is low so change your water frequently
- Protect ledges sufficiently and don't be afraid of wetting the window.

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