Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Clean a Washroom

Washroom cleaning can be one of the most critical areas to be cleaned in a facility. The cleanliness of your facility will be judged on the looks and unfortunately smell of your washroom. The following is 14 steps to ensure that you have the cleanest possible washrooms.

- Prepare your cart. Get cleaners, cloths, bags, towels, tissue and an other items used in the facility washroom
- Close the washroom with a sign, BUT leave the door open. You don't want anyone to enter while working but at the same time should something happen to you, you want to ensure people can see and find you.
- Flush all toilets and then spray the bowls. The pre-flush is to ensure that no one put anything in the bowl that may react with your chemical.
- Fill all the dispensers, Soap, Towel and tissue. Followed by wiping down the dispensers. On towels dispensers pay special attention to the under side where the arm meets the dispenser
- Dust from high to low. This would include vacuuming the vents and wiping down the tops and sides of partitions
- Empty trash receptacles and wipe them down
- Wipe walls, switches and door handles with disinfectant cleaner. Touch points are crucial.
- Clean sinks with disinfectant cleaner Not Windex
- Clean mirrors this time you can use Windex
- Clean toilets and urinals with disinfectant cleaner paying special attention to the areas around the bottom of the bowl and urinal. This is also a good time to clean the area behind the bowl that is frequently missed.
- Sweep floor
- Mop floor
- Return washroom to service
- Clean up the cart

The goal in washroom cleaning should always be to have odor free healthy washrooms. There is no need for there to be a cherry or apple smell as many times this is only a masking agent to a deeper problem. Where as if the washrooms are odor free after cleaning then you have achieved a health washroom.

- For mirror cleaning consider a glass microfiber and a little water
- If you want to use one product for everything consider testing Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners as many can now be use to clean and disinfect while not being to harsh on all surfaces including mirrors
- Also consider trying Non-Pathogenic Bacteria cleaners in washrooms, these will digest any odor causing bacteria all the while helping keep pipes clean and clear.

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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