Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Microfiber System

A microfiber system that works in Canadian winters. It's true and finally here. This new product from Rubbermaid finally makes sense when it comes to something can clean up the messes we face with Canadian winters, not a flat mop that works only in clean rooms.

Announcing CWS (Clean Water System) the industry's first integrated filter that provides clean water on demand, which will improve productivity, reduce water& chemical usage , create  healthier/safer environments (promotes Green Cleaning) Rubbermaid Hygen Clean Water System (CWS) is ready to go!  You may have seen prototypes of this product last fall at ISSA Orlando or this spring at CSSA Toronto. 
                                                         I have attached the New Product Announcement for your information. We are ready to accept orders with shipping next week .  You will find that the pricing on the two sided mops relative to the current hook and loop flat mops is aggressive.  The 2 sided Wet Pad Plus # 1791680 at $20.50 is only 47% higher than the Q410 and the General Purpose 2 sided Wet Pad # 1791678 at $15.50 is only 12% higher than the Q410. The CWS launch will  have  the most comprehensive launch support package that RCP has ever provided including: brochures, samples, ROI calculators, time & motion study whitepaper, product instructions & posters, images & "How To" training videos, testimonials, and much more which can all be found on the link below.  Please take a couple of moments to view the link below where you will discover the true innovation that is the Clean Water System by RCP.
                                                       I am very excited about this upcoming launch and look forward to meeting with you &  your sales team in the near future to formally present the CWS the product line and to formulate a go to market strategy for your end users ,please contact me to schedule a presentation date & if you have any questions. Thanks for your attention & continued support