Friday, March 11, 2011

New Stone Floor Pads

If you have natural stone floors such as Concrete, Marble, or Terazzo, maintaining them can always be a challenge. I have discussed previously the advantages of using diamond impregnated pads to maintain the floor. But what if your floors need some minor restoration or you want more shine? A new product from 3M will get you there.

3M now has Trivact Diamond floor discs. It is a box of 4 - 5" discs that are diamond impregnated. They are 400 and 1000 grit cuts to bring a nice shine to the floor. For those who want to bring an extra shine to the floor, they have the concrete protect. It is a polymer based product to apply to the floor to protect and shine the floor. While I personally am still partial to a water based stone floor impregnator, If what you absolutely want is a great shine then this extra step is great and only needs be reapplied yearly with 1 coat.

Have a look at the pictures of our warehouse before and after.


The best part of this program is that the end user cost is only $1.00 square foot. If a contractor where to do full restoration cost would be somewhere between $9-10 sq/ft. And it can be done by your own staff with very little training.

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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