Friday, March 4, 2011

The Importance of a good Rep

I had a situation this week, I had recommended a certain piece of equipment for the client that would save them time and last them a long time. I truly believe this equipment was in their best interest and so did the client.

I sell cleaning solutions. I know what is available, what works, and I help my clients get value from these. I do not sell flooring or paint. I can make recommendations on what type of flooring works best in certain areas but I will not sell you a floor. Long story short a carpet installer came in and sold a 16" upright vac to my clients boss for 300$ then he would have paid getting it from me. Worst of all I would have refused to sell them the upright because that was not what they needed as they already have 2 of them and it's not doing the job they need it to do.

My point. Ask Question as a client.  And listen to your staff they are the ones using the product you buy. If you are a sales rep sell what you sell, don't add on. I'm sure that 50$ spiff is nice but at the end of the day your client will not be happy and your repeat business will be none existent.

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