Monday, March 28, 2011

Gator Shoes

Gator shoes or as they may be better know as Stripper Shoes and I don't mean stilettos, are a great product when it comes to worker safety. As stripping and waxing or scrubbing floors can be a slippery job and many have had slip and fall issues consider Gator Shoes. These work in 2 ways.

1) They have a pad below them giving workers a better grip on the floor preventing slip and fall. Many will also use them for detail work as the pad/foot pressure allows you to scrub tough spots.

2) As you are walking on a pad it constantly creates micro movement on your feet which helps in preventing worker fatigue.

Gator shoes are also great if working in an arena and crossing the ice you will have grip and reduce trip and fall there.

At the end of the day a good pair of Gator shoes will prevent Slip and Fall, reduce worker fatigue and help your staff be more productive a Win, Win, Win for under 50$ a pair you can't go wrong.

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