Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using Non Pathogenic Bacteria to Clean

We are currently see a surge in non pathogenic bacteria to clean, should I look at this option? Are there real benefits? And where do these products fit in with a green cleaning program?

Non Pathogenic bacteria is a great option, consider some of the reasons.

-Some of these products use bacteria that is found naturally in our stomach and so can digest almost anything we can digest. If in a nursing home think of what items bacteria can help you clean.
-Bacteria continues to clean after you are done. Since bacteria releases an enzyme which will break down the organic mater, after which the bacteria will digest it. Once applied the bacteria will continue to digest until one of the following three are removed, Water, Air or the food source.
-Most bacteria based products are made of renewable items such as soy and not petroleum based. Hence they are sustainable as we grow them as required.
-And when it comes to green cleaning many manufacturers have had there products green certified so you know which ones are your greener option.
-Not to forget one more great aspect. If using to control odors since bacteria will digest the organic mater causing the odor, odors will be eliminated rather than just masked.

One caution though. Non pathogenic bacteria is good, but there are manufacturers that are making enzyme cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are good to break down soil loads but require extensive rinsing as there is no bacteria present to digest the enzyme. I would high recommend staying away from these as enzymes tend to be left behind and you results will be amplified with bacteria.

One product I have enjoyed using and recommended to many people is Bio-Bac from Dustbane. The really nice thing with this product is it has been designed to work on floors, carpets, odors and drains so rather then have to buy 3 products for your facility all you need is one ECP certified product.

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