Friday, December 3, 2010

Making your work easier Part 1

Many are trying to find ways to make their job a little easier and save time. Some find the best way to do this is to cut corners. Usually not the best idea though.

Recently manufacturers have found a need to make smaller floor scrubber, one such is called DB-Do-All from Dustbane. Consider, a good swing buffer will cost between 1000-1500$ and a good wet dry vac with a front squeegee will run you between 700-900$. With DB-Do-All, you have a autoscrubber which will do both jobs for 3000$ give or take. Your floor work will be cut easily by 25%. And the nice thing with DB-Do-All is that when you're done at one location, take apart load him into your car and away you go. He's small enough that I loaded into the backseat of a Hyundai Accent. And on thing for sure I would have a hard time loading a swing buffer and wet vac into the same car.

Yes there all types of tools available to save us time and money without cutting corners stay tuned for more such options.

"Nothings too filthy for Phil-T"

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