Friday, October 29, 2010

Using Wipes

A couple of tips to bear in mind when using wipes for cleaning. Wipes have become very common and effective in the process of cleaning and disinfecting. So common that many people even us them in their homes. Here are a few tips to watch for.
- Check the active ingredient. If you are trying to disinfect you need to make sure that you have the right active ingredient to kill the bacteria you are trying to disinfect.
- Remember that most store bought wipes are quat based, which means a 10 minute dwell time.
- Watch the expiry date. All wipes have one, some will last longer than others (i.e. quats vs Chlorine) so don't stock pile if you are using them for pandemic only.
- Close the lid when done. Wipes are not the cheapest mode of cleaning so if you use them make sure you don't let them dry out.
- Consider dry wipes. Kimberly Clark has a great product that you add chemical to. The nice thing about this is you add Chemical required when you need it so the expiry date is the date on your product which you tend to get a new bottle every 2 months or so.

Wipes are very effective and easy to use. Keep them beside public phones in the office or copy machines, have them ready for outbreaks, or use them for day to day cleaning. This will help keep your facility illness free reducing time off and increasing the funds in your budget.

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