Friday, October 1, 2010

Matting Rental Vs Purchase

It's that time of year again. The rain has begun and soon the snow will follow. As this begins we need to prepare our facilities for the snow and protect our floors and carpets a little better. Matting usually the first item that comes to mind, every October clients Canada over begin to order what they need. But what really is needed? Should you rent? Or buy?

Rental: The nice thing with rental mats is they are changed every week. But here's some of the problems with rentals.
  1) They are quite expensive you could pay as much as 10$ per mat per week.
  2) If they are installed Monday and it snows Monday then your carpets are in bad shape for the whole week.
  3) Usually carpets provided are very low quality and do not scrape the snow of the feet and provide minimal wiping.
  4) Long complicated contracts usually 3-5 years

Purchase:Some feel That they will then have to clean and care for these mats, but as mentioned if it snows the day your rental mats are installed then you will have to clean them as well if you want them to be effective for the rest of the week.
  1) You own the Mats.
  2) You can select type, colour, and maintenance.
  3) Cost effective. Typically the cost of 6 months rental will cover the cost of all your matting needs.
  4) No contract

At the end of the day you are far more ahead of the game to purchase your mats then you are to rent. Next week I will share how to select the appropriate mat.

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