Friday, September 24, 2010

Odor Control

One of the toughest things in a public facility is controlling the odor is our washrooms. Last blog we discussed who installing an autoflush system can help with 70% of those odors. To effectively control odors we need to find where the originate and how to attack them.

Where odors come from? Some of the main areas that odors will come from in your washroom are. Unflushed toilets, urine on the floors and walls, the garbage cans, and floor drains.

How to deal with these issues?
  -One step is air fresheners. There are several options when it comes to air fresheners.
      -You could get an aerosol can and just periodically spray the washroom or hope clients and employees will.
     -You could install metered aerosol can dispensing systems that will provide the same service as an aerosol can but will dispense automatically at predetermined intervals.
    -Or you could install what is know as a T-Cell. T-Cell is a none aerosol air freshener which use a true air neutralizer as well as a fuel cell technology, so there are no batteries to change.
  -The next thing you could do to help control odors is clean the floors and drains regularly with a none pathogenic bacteria cleaner. This will work as a continuing process while the areas are damp and well after the work has been done. The nice thing about none pathogenic bacteria is that it will odor contractant while cleaning the surface as well.
  -The final step you could do is install an autoclean/auto janitor for your toilets and urinals. These will help clean your urinals and toilets with every flush, while also delivering a dose of enzyme or bacteria to the drains helping to keep them clean.

These are just a few was to help keep your washrooms clean and odor free. Technical concepts is a leader in odor control and have many ideas on their website on how to keep your facilities odor free.

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