Friday, September 10, 2010

The Case for Touch Free Washrooms

Have you ever walked into a washroom and either walked right out or vowed never to go to that restaurant or store again? Was the washroom dirty? Did it feel dirty? Or was the odor just to much too handle? Perhaps you didn't feel like you could touch anything so walked out and found the closest bottle of hand sanitizer. If this is the washroom in your facility the situation is not hopeless. In fact with a modest refit you could have the cleanest looking washrooms around.

Consider going touchfree. By installing a Autoflush for your urinal or toilet you can eliminate up to 80% of the odors in your washroom. If you install a Autofaucet you will encourage voluntary hand washing and save up to 70% on your water consumption. The beauty with these systems is that they are easy to install. Any maintenance person can do it on plumber required. 

Here are some of the other advantages of going touch free.

Enhanced Washroom Image
-Look and smell clean
Improved Hygiene
-Reduce cross contamination
Great Environmental Benefits
-Contribute to LEEDS credits
-Reduced water consumption

Yes there is no doubt that a touch free washroom will save you money and increase the look and feel of your facilities washrooms. Next week we will discuss how to control the other 20% of odors in your washrooms.

"Nothing's too filthy for Phil-T" 

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