Friday, August 6, 2010

Equipment Maintenance

In this industry one of the highest cost items is equipment. Equipment can make the toughest longest job easier and save lots of time. The problem with equipment is that maintenance is often lacking. I will take a few moments today and discuss some basic maintenance procedures for several pieces you may have in your facility.

Vacuums: Vacs are fairly simple. Check the bags daily to ensure they are not full. Filters should be checked to ensure they are not full of dust and that air is leaking somewhere. On uprights place the vac on it's side and check the beater bar for obstructions. On uprights you should also check and make sure that the belt is turning. An extra tip for vacs is: If maintenance is going to be an issue consider purchasing canisters rather than uprights.

Swing Buffers: Very simple maintenance. Remove the block. And ensure to wipe down after use, especially if stripping and waxing.

Autoscrubbers: This require much more maintenance, but here are a few tips to get a longer life.
       Completely drain vac tanks nightly.
       Rinse and wipe squeegee blade
       Check water level and add as required (Tip consider switching to Gel batteries, longer life and maintenance free)
       Clean or wipe machine after use
       Charge nightly after use
If you can add these basic few items at the end of your shift daily then you will extend the life of your equipment. In the next few months I will give you tips on each different piece of equipment that you can do on a monthly and bi-monthly basis.

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