Friday, August 27, 2010


I read an article recently that discussed how the JanSan industry responded to H1N1 and how it helped curbed an all out, outbreak by educating user, distributors, and the public about disinfecting procedures and hand washing/sanitizing importance. So the question was brought up What now?

The article encouraged to continue to disinfect thoroughly all areas and heading into the winter to consider disinfecting more our floors and bumping our disinfectant to a higher grade. Some may feel this is important to do in their facility.

I would feel that going into the winter it is important to increase our cleaning frequency and effectiveness. Is more disinfecting required? Not necessarily in all facilities, this is a decision that each facility needs to make for themselves. But if you have reduced your schedule over the summer it would be a good time to review your schedule and adjust where required. Winter will bring more particulates, and bacteria into your building and you want to be ready.

Another thing to consider this winter is to be prepared for a outbreak. One way to do this is by having an extra case or two of sanitizer and disinfectant on hand at the start of the season just in case. As the shelf life of most chemicals is 2 years then you may use it up in the summer should there be no need for it.

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