Friday, July 16, 2010

Dust Mopping

I thought I'd take a few moments today and discuss the most important part on any hard floor care program - Dust Mopping. Why do I say that dust mopping is the Most Important part of hard floor care. The main reason is that before introducing moisture or buffing to a floor we want to remove any debris possible especially the small dirt particulates which can only be removed by dust mopping.

Many feel that just washing the floor and buffing is enough as water will grab the dirt, but what we may not realize is that there are times when doing this will only help grind dirt into our floor finish or tiles. If there is a step to skip at any time it would be the mopping as a floor may not need to be mopped daily but does need to be swept on a daily basis.

A few tips for dust mopping:
1) If you feel that you have to use a dust mop treatment then use it right. Vacuum the dust broom off, spray with treatment and let dry overnight.

2) Consider switch from a dust mop treatment to a neutral disinfectant. The neutral disinfectant will give antistat properties to the dust mop and keep it clean as you go.

3) Instead of using a cotton dust mop use microfiber. They are easy to rinse off at the end of the shift and dry quickly. You will get a longer life out of your broom and have better results on the floor.

4) Another tip is when doing large areas consider using a dust broom in one hand and a sweeping broom in the other to pull items out from under racking. Again this system will allow you to sweep your store or area faster and get more off the floor.

Yes when it comes to floor care never forget the most important part - Sweeping.

"Nothing is too filthy for Phil-T"

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