Friday, July 30, 2010

Dispensing Systems

I thought I would take today to discuss dispensing systems. Every major chemical manufacturer have one available, but what are the benefits and should you have one installed in your facility.

What are the benefits. Dispensing systems or portion control systems are great, they allow several benefits.
   1) Most offer some form of touch free cap system, where by an employee or contractor never has to touch raw chemical with their hands rather the cap makes contact with the mating plate and the chemical is drawn.
   2) A dispensing system allows for metered setting on your chemical which means that the right amount of chemical to water dilution is used every time. While 100% accuracy is not necessary every time when it comes to disinfectants it is crucial.
   3) You save money. For many people this is a key one. Take one product for example, Glass Cleaner. One four liter bottle of concentrated glass cleaner will make 120L of RTU glass cleaner and cost you anywhere between $60-130, but to buy that same glass cleaner in RTU spray bottles would cost you around $500.
   4) It's greener. Weather you use a green glass cleaner or not it is a greener option as you save on packaging less boxes to send a 4L jug then send 120 bottles. You save on plastic. And you save on trucking expense.

Yes all and all chemical dispensing is the best way to go. Ask your distributor how he can set you up on a system and make your facility a little bit better.

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