Friday, June 11, 2010

Washroom Cleaning

One critical area in all facilities are the washrooms. Gone should be the days where a custodian takes that bottle of Windex sprays down the toilets and wipes with paper towel. Washroom cleaning should be performed on a regular schedule that involves Daily cleaning, Weekly cleaning, and possibly Monthly cleaning. Let me now discuss the difference.

Daily cleaning of the washroom should include the following: a top to bottom cleaning of all areas using a DIN registered disinfectant. This would include the wiping down of dispensers, toilets, urinals, partition, sinks, and touch points. Washing of floors with a 1:256 DIN register disinfectant. A spot cleaning of mirrors. Removal of any graffiti. Removal of trash. And finally restocking of all supplies.

Weekly cleaning of washroom would incorporate all of the above plus depending on water hardness you may use a mild acid to clean the bowls. Another further step you may want to use is a washroom cleaning cart. If you have 4 or more large washrooms in your facility this is an excellent way to really clean your washroom thoroughly, it will allow you to clean in all the hard to reach spots, and it is a touch free system which is always a good thing. Another item to do weekly is to wipe the top ledge of the partitions this will minimize dust in your facility.

Monthly duties would add a few of the following. If you have as ceramic floor then you would want to deep scrub these with either a none pathogenic bacteria or consider a Neutral heavy duty cleaner. If grout line are really dirty consider following the scrubbing with a acid cleaner to help whiten grout lines. Bi-weekly or Monthly it may also be required to use a stronger acid such as a hydrochloric to clean the bowls. When performing this step always make sure to wear your PPE and have plenty of ventilation.

Washroom cleaning is very important so remember these few steps and always wear the required PPE when cleaning. Remember that cleaning should be performed for health first and appearances second. This is especially important when considering washroom cleaning.

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