Friday, June 18, 2010


A term we hear more and more these days is Microfiber. You have everything from Microfiber shirts to couches and cloths, even sheets. So what is microfiber and does it really have any benefits?

The easiest explanation of microfiber is that the fiber in microfiber is split until it is around 1 - 100th the size of a human hair (image below right). This allows microfiber to clean at a microscopic level. Compare it to a human pore, microfiber has little pores that when used in cleaning will capture the dirt and grime and hold it until released (image below left). How is it released? Simply run the microfiber under hot water and use a mild detergent to clean it. Another benefit of using microfiber is that since it cleans at such a good level the use of chemical is not required. While you would still want to use a disinfectant in critical areas such as Washrooms, Kitchens and Hospital rooms. In most cases a little water is all you need for a beautiful finish. And it is a great easy and cost effective step in greening your facility. Think about using less chemical, which means less VOC. And less VOC's is always good for the human health.

Since microfibers are of a higher quality they wash very well in a wash machine and usually can be washed anywhere between 300-500 times before needing replacing. There is some disagreement however in one area and thats weather bleach should be used. From my experience bleach is safe to be used but what you do need to watch for is fabric softner. Fabric softner will get into the microfiber and stay trapped creating a film when you use it to clean in the future. Microfiber also like moisture so using a dryer that dries clothing to temperatures of over 200 degrees will harm the microfiber.

Microfibers are a wonderful product and all sorts are available. Why don't you try some at your facility Today. I know that Phil-T uses them to keep his home from being filthy.

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