Friday, June 25, 2010

Incorporating a Flat Mop System in your Facility

Flat mop systems are becoming more popular.Staff May object saying that they are not practical or slow you down. So here are a few tips to get a good Microfiber flat mop system working in your facility.

First step is to switch from cotton dust mopping to microfiber dust mopping. This will do 2 things, first, it will eliminate the need for mop oil. A product that not only is used wrong 95% of the time but really not necessary to use in the first place. Secondly, it will get staff familiar with microfiber flat mops, making a switch to flat mop cleaning easier.

When it comes to the washing of floors with flat mops you have several options available to you. I will review the more common ones.

First there is the bucket and wringer option. Rubbermaid, Marino and Atlas Graham all have there version but basically you would have a bucket with a flat mop wringer that would squeeze most of your water and detergent out, allowing to mop the floor. With this system you would be able to use one pad in more than one room before changing your pad. The disadvantage to this system is that as in regular mopping staff may use dirty water for too long or not change their pads often enough.

Second there is the pre-prepare system. In this system you would have a flat mop and a bucket with 15-20 pads pre-moistened with detergent. You would enter the room put a pad on your flat mop and clean the room. When finished the room you remove the pad place it in a bag and move on to the next room placing a new pad on the handle. The disadvantage to this system is that your staff will need to where gloves while mopping as the may be exposed to floor pads with chemical on them.

Third we have the all in one. This is where the flat mop handle has a built in reservoir for the detergent. In this system you would place a dry pad on the flat mop and as you clean the floor you would dispense the required amount of detergent directly from the flat mop handle. Upon finishing the room you would dispose of the pad in a bag and place a new dry pad on the flat mop. On disadvantage of this system is the balance of the handle. Some have found that some handles are heavier than others. Testing is required to find the right handle for your staff and facility. 3M have a handle where the detergent is stored inside the shaft of the handle and this seems to be a favorite of many. It is a costly investment but works quite well.

Flat mop cleaning is a great system and can greatly enhance the look of your facility. And since flat mops out last regular mops by hundreds of washes you will also save money. And everybody likes to save money.

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