Friday, May 28, 2010

Hand Towel Choices

In the wonderful world of cleaning supplies one of the items of highest use is hand towel and toilet tissue. And with so many options does it really matter what we use. How can you choose the right product for your facility. Let's look at our options, we have commodity roll towel, c-fold, or multifold and singlefold, proprietary towel, and then finally there is perforated kitchen towels. So what's the difference.

Roll Towel - This product is available in 200', 400', 600' and 800' sized rolls, usually available in white or kraft. Advantages of this product is that it's cheap and does the trick, it dries your hands. Many manufacturers are also getting this product ECP and Green seal certified. The biggest issue with these products is that you will have to purchase your own dispensers for them and usually these dispensers do not control the use. Another issue is consistency of the product, as it is a cheaper product you batch may be of good high quality whereas the next is not. If you have a small office this is usually the way to go.

Folded towel - In the folded towel family there is C-Fold, multifold, and singlefold. Again available in white or kraft. This towel has a form of control to it but proves false to its name. Why? Typically what happens here is at first everything goes well and the product dispenses from the dispenser on sheet at a time as it's suppose to but as the dispenser empties then you start getting more and more sheets coming out at once. They fall to the ground and what you are left with is a lot of waste. Again with this product usually you are responsible to purchase your own dispensers. Verdict on folded towel is that the idea is nice but causes more problems then it's worth.

Controled Towel - Or otherwise know as proprietary towel. There are quite a few advantages to a product such as this. First it usually always comes in at least an 800' roll. Second most products on the market are now ECP or green seal certified. Third dispenser should be provided at no charge. And finally they cut down on use, most people will use 2 to 3 sheets that are between 8"-12" depending on the manufacturer settings on the dispenser. But with all these advantages comes the disadvantages. When purchasing controlled towel it is just that, controlled on what towel you buy as only one towel will fit in the dispenser, controlled in who you buy from as usually only one or two distributors will have the product. So once you begin to buy this product you are stuck with it unless you want to change your dispensers again. The final disadvantage is the cost. You will pay more, that being said I have seen it time and again where someone pays more for this product and cuts the consumption of paper so much that the are actually saving money.

So what can be said, At the end of the day I would say. "Controlled towel is almost always the way to go" You will save money, and time. And who can put a price on our valuable time. The only thing you want to ensure is that you choose a manufacturer and distributor that you can work closely with, who will help you put the right product in your facility.

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