Friday, May 14, 2010

Carpet Spotting

As I have discussing carpet maintenance there is one more crucial step in having healthy carpets. Carpet spotting. Unfortunately we all have accidents, be it spilling coffee or wine on our carpets or if we are in charge of a facility we face anything from blood to urine. The longer a spot sets the harder it is to remove so we want to tackle these as soon as we can. (Spots can be defined as something that is on the carpet but has not changed the pigment of the carpet where as stains have affect the dye locks in the carpet and have permanently damaged the carpet.)

Traditionally there was a product for each type of spot meaning it was necessary to have 4 or 5 different spotters to clean each type of spot. One had to be a chemist to understand which product should be used where. Recently manufacturers have released hydrogen peroxide based spotters that are designed to spray and walk away. One such product is called Proxi Spray and Walk away. The nice thing with this is it completes the healthy carpet cycle. Having only one product instead of 5 also works well in a green or sustainable program as we have switch 5 different product for 1 which may not be green certified but is safer for everyone involved as it creates less chance of someone using the wrong product. A custodian can carry it on his cart and as they do there cleaning routine if spots are seen on the carpet the product is sprayed on the spot and by the next morning it is virtually gone. Another use for some of these spotter is as a presoak or prespot for laundry. If you have a stained garment simply spray on the spot before putting in the laundry machine and it will help remove tough stains.

By having a regular carpet spotting routine this will help avoid staining which will physically change the dye in the carpet and may not be easily removable or repairable. This will increase the life span of the carpet in your facility which will save you money in your capital budget.

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