Friday, April 30, 2010

Maintaining Healthy Carpets

For years now carpet has been getting the blunt end of the stick, and yet many people still want and love carpet. So then how can one maintain and feel healthy while have carpets in their facility and home. Here are a few tips.

1)Good news - Vacuuming picks up 87% of all particulate in the carpet. Yes daily vacuum of all available areas is like sweeping your floor everyday. A good vacuum schedule will be improved if you using HEPA Filtration or a vacuum that filters particulates 99.97% at 0.3 microns. This is a very important aspect in maintaining low particulate count in your home or facility and keeping the air and carpets healthy.

2) Have a regular maintenance clean on your carpets. What is a maintenance clean? Years ago this could have been called bonnet cleaning, but if your contractor is doing bonnet cleaning today have a good talk with him, as this will void your manufacturers warranty. Today we perform Low Moisture Cleaning usually done with an encapsulation product. How a encapsulation product works is that the diluted chemical is applied to the carpet with a buffer or cylindrical cleaner that creates agitation on the carpet. Product will dry within an hour (if applied properly) to a crystal format which can then be vacuumed up. After which you have clean carpets.

3) Finally you have your yearly hot water extraction. This step will remove whatever has been left from vacuuming and low moisture cleaning. This step is still crucial and should not be skipped.

By following these 3 basic tips you can have beautiful healthy carpets in any facility.

Stay tuned for more carpet tips next time when we will discuss carpet spotting in my new Video Blog. And remember "Nothing is too filthy for Phil-T"