Monday, November 23, 2009

Preparing for Winter

As winter looms there are several things we should do in our facility to prepare for the onslaught.

1) Install matting - For some reason we in Canada do not see the need to have matting all year round, but did you know that the average person brings 50 lbs of dirt a year into their work place and the matting will stop 95% of that IF we put 15' worth at the door. It is also cheaper to stop the matting at the door then it is to try and chase it down through the rest of your facility. So if you were wondering about putting down matting it should be the first thing you do to prepare for winter.

2) Change Floor Soaps - It is a good idea to change from a neutral floor soap to a neutral or slightly acidic neutralizer better know as a Winter Rinse for the winter months. For those who still use rock salt it will help to break down the calcium and keep your facility cleaner, less of a film to try and polish off and definitely less dust flying around.

3) Ice Melt - I would recommend that if you are using rock salt to switch to ice melt. Ice melt is safer on plants, animals and concrete, it is also easier on carpets and floor finish. For the small price increase it will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

4) Check up all equipment - A final thing I would recommend is have all your scrubber and vacuums maintenance checked. There is nothing worse than having a scrubber go down January 10 after the biggest snowfall of the year and having to mop your facility from end to end. A thorough maintenance check now can save you a large repair bill and long day of mopping in January.

So enjoy the coming months and keep in mind summer is around the corner.

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