Friday, November 27, 2009

Gym Floor Refinishing

What is the best why to refinish my gym floors some may ask? And do water base products work? For years the system has been simply (although not really so simple). We would take out our buffer, throw a 120 grit screen and screen the floor for 3-4hrs. Then we would vacuum for just as long and spend the next 3 weeks cleaning up dust. If you were fast enough you may have a chance to get the first coat of high toxic varnish down will you cough out a long because of wearing a dust mask instead of a vapor mask. The following day IF it was dry you would repeat the process. Typically the gym would be closed for about 3 days and people would complain about the smell for 3 weeks. The questions is, is there an effective and better way? Enter water base gym finish.

How does it work? We replace the screening method with a water and chemical scrub which will give the same results as a screening. The key thing is we wet the floor for no more than 5-10 minutes. And yes it is safe on the wood as we are not wetting for long enough to penetrate the wood surface. After picking up the chemical and letting the floor dry we apply to coats of water base urethane. The urethane is just as hard as an oil base compound, is easier to play on, and has low to no odour, in fact most water base gym finishes meet California VOC compliance.

If you would like to see what water base gym finish can do for your wood floor me know and I could arrange to have a local contractor show you.

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  1. Just a heads up.....Betco out of Toledo OH promotes a system that requires no screening of your gym floor. It's called the clean it, glue-it, and coat it system... Water based coatings work well with this system.