Thursday, October 8, 2009

Certified Green

Is Green Certified really the only way to go?

I have been watching the industry a long time now and begin to wonder. Is Green Seal and ECP really just a cash grab? Are there other companies out there that would like certification on their products but just can't afford it? The answer to a certain degree is Yes.

Organizations such as Green Seal and ECP have done much to make us aware of greener and safer products but unfortunately have also found a way to make a good deal of money at it. I still do personally think that we should look for certified products when searching as there is much green washing in the industry. But if you can find a company that has taken the steps necessary and can prove through documentation that they are doing their part to create safer products then I would certainly take the time to look at them as a viable option. Many manufacturers have chosen to certify a select few products but have adopted policies and procedures on all their products to make them safer for the user and the environment. These companies should not be penalized for not wanting or being able to pay the high fees required by these 3rd party agencies.

When it comes to green cleaning a few tips will help.
- Look at the companies track record. What policies and procedures have they put in place. What is there environmental stand.
- Are you being helped to reduce the number of chemicals used to clean your facility. You should be able to clean all aspects of your facility with 4 products plus a few specialty cleaners namely strippers and carpet cleaners.
- Have you been introduced to microfiber?

If a company is taking these steps and helping you take them, then you are on the right road to greening your facility.