Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Floor finish 101

Floor Finish, Sealers, waxes. The choices never end so here are a few tips when it comes to refinishing your floor.

First Choosing the right finish. We've all herd the common my wax is 28% and mine 30% and so on, the questions is 28% what. Here is the breakdown. All floor finishes contain 3 main items polymer (plastic), Metal (usually Zinc), water. When a supplier tells you their wax is 28% solid they are saying that if I put a cup of wax out and let it dry I would be left with 28% of what was their. The key know is find the wax that has the right polymer for your application. Where as some floor finishes are designed for high gloss they do not stand to high traffic, or some do not respond to burnishing. In any case a application and maintenance will determine how long your finish lasts.

Second when preping a new tile, floor should be completely stripped of factory finish, then apply two coats of sealer and finally finish up with five to eight coats of floor finish. This will be the only time you use sealer on your tile and the only time sealer is required.

Next week we will discuss why only sealer the first time and how often to strip.

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