Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cleaning with Charged Water

We have recently seen several companies introduce charged water technology for cleaning. Do these work? Are they for you?
Here a question if I fill a spray bottle with water, spray a surface and wipe it, will it be clean? Will I remove soil? What if I switch from paper towel or a rag and use a microfiber cloth will I be able to clean a surface with just water? Without a doubt. Water is the universal solvent. There is nothing water can't clean. The same rule applies to scrubbing floors, if I fill my scrubber with clean water and put down the pads it will clean the floor. Detergents are not necessary they make our job easier.
There are several other issues I can see at first glance with activated water. First would you trust a contract cleaner or even your own staff to clean the washroom with activated water. Is there enough proof that this will remove enough bacteria to make you feel safe. Second it is said that using activated water is greener, but I ask how do you dispose of the batteries and charge system in three years when it no longer works? Which is more environmentally responsible having residue from a green seal certified product go through the wash or throwing batteries into the landfill?
Yes, activated water may have it's uses as in classrooms, office buildings, and spotting windows but when it comes to the day and age of superbugs, MRSA, and C-Dif using a Green Seal certified or ECP certified product is the safer way to go to protect whats most important and that is us and our health.

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