Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going Green

Looking at Green Cleaning. Watch the video in this link and read the article below before making any choices. Try and look for ECP or Green Seal Certified Products, you can be sure that these products have gone through third party testing and will perform as stated.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diamond polishing

Do you have concrete, terrazzo, or marble floors. Stopping wasting
your time stripping and waxing year after year. Try 3M or Continental
Diamond Polishing pads. These floor pads are manufactured with
industrial diamonds and polish the floor every time you wash them.
Your floors will not have the gloss of the day after you wax them but
will however look fresh and shine day after day year after year.

One thing you do need to make sure of is that you use a stone floor
impregnator. Once applied this product will last 3-5 years and make no
visual difference to the floor. A company called Enviro Solutions has
just released an impregnator called ES99, highly recommended and quite
a bit cheaper than its competitive counterparts.